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November 7, 2016

Can America Recover?

By: John Stackhouse

The “return to normalcy,” a return to the way of life before World War I, was candidate Warren G. Harding's promise in the American presidential campaign of 1920. Many of us hope for such a return after the wildly disquieting campaign of 2016. But many Americans don’t. They have wanted a revolution, whether socialist, libertarian, fascist, or otherwise, and they won’t rest until they see one. And whatever one prefers, there’s not much chance of normalcy any time soon. Read More
November 4, 2016


By: Jeff Groenewald

Friends, this is a good news day in Canadian Christian media ministry. Read More
October 31, 2016

Why the Church Should Abandon “Relevance”

By: Prof. John G. Stackhouse Jr.

A recent article for Religious News Service chastises the Church of England for being “outdated” as it continues to debate, rather than simply affirm, “same-sex marriage, abortion and female bishops.” Read More
October 24, 2016

Baby Lewiston's Good, Angry Mother

By: Prof. John G. Stackhouse Jr.

Baby Lewiston has a good mom. Spend five minutes with her, and you can see that. She keeps him close without smothering him. She can talk to the interviewer while never losing touch with her boy. She loves her husband and is determined to let nothing break their marriage: not a broken tiny son; not even a broken heart.
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October 18, 2016

The State of Free Speech: When All You Can Do Is Gesture

By: Prof. John G. Stackhouse Jr.

At the University of Toronto recently, a professor attempted to speak at an outdoor rally to students about, of all things, threats to free speech. And then his free speech was threatened. Read More
October 11, 2016

The Shrinking Limits of Medical Conscience

By: Prof. John G. Stackhouse Jr.

Some well-credentialed professors have recently spoken out against any meaningful rights of conscientious objection in Canadian medicine.
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October 10, 2016

Welcome to the Demise of America!

By: Lorna Dueck

Last weekend my husband and I did a road trip into the heart of Midwest USA, and when we arrived at our destination near Lanark, Illinois, a friend there greeted us with “Welcome to the demise of America!” We laughed uncomfortably, avoided politics all weekend... Read More
October 5, 2016

Q&A with Aisha Addo, CEO of DriveHer

By: Sheldon Neil

Meet Aisha Addo, CEO of DriveHer, an all-women taxi service with plans to come to a road near you. Read More
October 3, 2016

What's Really Wrong with Gretta Vosper's Stance?

By: Prof. John G. Stackhouse Jr.

By now, Rev. Gretta Vosper’s notoriety as the atheist seeking to remain a United Church pastor has reached the attention even of the venerable Washington Post. The spectacle is tailor-made for our scandal-oriented media: A confessed disbeliever in all of her church’s major theological tenets... Read More
September 27, 2016

Caring for Refugees Isn't Big News

By: Prof. John G. Stackhouse Jr.

Churches across the country are spotting and filling the gaps in the government’s program to help immigrants find their way into a very different culture. Read More
September 27, 2016

Justice & Character: What Christians Need to Consider

By: Michael McKoy

Two themes dominated the discussion at last night’s first US presidential debate: justice and character. Both these issues are critical to how Christians should think about voting in this upcoming election.
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September 23, 2016

No Faith In TIFF

By: Jared Erhardt

Faith based films have are on the rise. With increasing momentum, Christian themed films are illuminating the main screen... Read More

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