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May 8, 2014

Mother's Day a Chance to Reflect on Adoption

By: Janelle Comeau

Every child deserves a chance. Read More
May 7, 2014

Stubborn Agnostic: Response to Cancer Episode

By: Richard Handler

For the Christian, death is clearly not the end of the story. You win even when you lose, so you never lose. Amazing! Read More
April 25, 2014

Former Jets Star Laurie Boschman: Twice Blessed

By: Scott Taylor

The most important thing is this: through the scriptures, our faith gives us hope, and in a marriage, as in life, that faith can help us make a success of anything, even the most difficult relationship. Read More
April 25, 2014

Short and True

By: Rob Globke

No thing, no person, not even yourself, can be completely faithful to you. Only God is completely eternal. Read More
April 22, 2014

Waiting for Spring

By: Oriana Bertucci

As we welcome the first signs of spring, let us rejoice in the journey that has led us to Easter. Read More
April 16, 2014

Betrayal and Resurrection

By: Sylvia Keesmaat

God gives not death, but life; not death, but promise; a promise that one day in the midst of death, there will be new life. Read More
April 2, 2014

Quebec Election Days Away

By: Peter Stockland

This is an election Quebec desperately needed to move ahead with the opportunities opening to it. Read More
March 31, 2014

Being Evangelical in Quebec

By: Jenna Smith

If there is one thing Evangelicals agree on in Quebec, it's not easy to lead. "We treat our pastors the same way we treat our politicians - at the first sign of dissatisfaction, we vote them out. We are divisive." Read More
March 26, 2014

Religious Freedom Matters!

By: Stephen Lazarus

At issue is the basic question of whether religious freedom is only an individual right, or a right belonging to religious institutions as well. Read More
March 26, 2014

When Religious Freedom is Absent...

By: Majed El Shafie

I know firsthand what the absence of religious freedom means. Read More
March 26, 2014

Faith Has a Price

By: Doug McKenzie

Freedom of "religion" and "worship" are self-evident and inalienable rights that, I believe, speak directly to the heart of God who embedded in the DNA of all creation the right to choose what to believe in and whom to follow. Read More
March 24, 2014

Fate of Faith-Based Law Grads in Law Societies' Hands

By: Zachary Pedersen

At issue is whether a community covenant all Trinity Western University students and staff must sign will ultimately impact the school's ability to adequately teach law. Read More

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