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April 11, 2013

Sex-Selective Abortion

By: Barbara Kay

Silence is indifference. Gendercide is a hateful practice. Let that much at least be said. Read More
April 8, 2013

North Korea: What Next?

By: Jack Kim

Whether the "what next" is a missile launch, an artillery shelling, or a naval attack, or even nothing at all, even one small incident could lead to conflict on the Korean peninsula. Read More
March 26, 2013

Israel and Palestine, a Listening Tour

By: Adam Estle

Often, people visit Israel and Palestine and hear only one side of the story. This leaves people with inaccurate, and often unhelpful, understandings of the situation. Read More
March 14, 2013

What To Expect from Pope Francis

By: Stephen Lazarus

What we are likely to forget is that, in his own estimation, Pope Francis' most important accountability is to God and not primarily to the court of public opinion. Read More
March 7, 2013

On the Ground in Newtown, CT

By: Sheldon Neil

It's a strength that says despite a void created, "We will rebuild". Read More
February 27, 2013

Why This New Pope Matters

By: Ryan Topping

As we rush toward the election in mid-March the media will devote countless hours to analyzing who, why, and from where the next pope will be elected. Many wonder: what will the next pope face? Read More
February 22, 2013

On the set of "The Bible" in Morocco

By: Brian Stiller

Film making is like watching paint try. But to be at the centre of the making of this epic was an enormous privilege. Read More
February 15, 2013

Two Different Lifestyles

By: Susie Krabacher

In this world there are so many comforts available, sometimes a person can forget that they come at a price. Read More
February 1, 2013

Giving Too Small...

By: Sarah Shandl

It's about doing everything I can, with purpose. If I am not pinched or hampered, my giving is too small. Read More
February 1, 2013

Christian Refugee Camps in Mali

By: Paul Mercer

Allowed only what they could carry, [Christians from Mali] would exit as refugees in their own country. When they arrived, the local government provided space for them to live. One such place, a former Catholic training centre became a refugee camp. Read More
January 29, 2013

10 Years Ago...

By: Duane Bradley

We should never be so negligent of what the Bible says that we begin to trust the government over it. Read More
January 7, 2013

The Les Miserables Bishop: An Example for Us All

By: Stephanie Pacheco

Abundant love is amazing in that the more we give away, the more we get. Read More

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