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December 17, 2012

Apocalypse...and Christmas consumerism

By: Mike Tennant

Let's stop trying to convince the secular world that December 25th is about Jesus Christ. Read More
November 30, 2012

Buy Nothing Christmas

By: Laura Cavallin

If you don't have a lot of money, why put your loved ones and yourself into financial burden? Read More
November 16, 2012

Does Religion Cause Violence?

By: Diane Meredith

If we as people of faith are to be serious about our faith, as Volf is challenging us to be, then we need to look back and ask what is it that was done and what was left undone that we find ourselves in the situation where we feel the only option is violence. What are the steps toward peace making that were left untouched? Read More
October 12, 2012

How Would God Vote?

By: Stephen Lazarus

God has given light to illumine the path, but we have to walk the difficult road of getting our hands dirty and seeking justice in an unjust world. Read More
October 3, 2012

Modern Evangelization

By: Cheridan Sanders

The key to any good missionary activity "out there" begins "in here". Read More
September 4, 2012

Religious Persecution in Iran

By: Marina Nemat

It is terribly disappointing that the international community has not paid enough attention to the persecution of religious minorities in Iran. Read More
August 31, 2012

Theatre of the Absurd

By: Jeff Groenewald

Religion, apparently, is here to stay. Read More
August 1, 2012

Decreasing the Debt Load

By: Nada Thomson

The main thing for me is to not let feelings of discouragement and fatigue lead me down a path where even more over-spending can happen. Read More
July 19, 2012

Retirement at 55, 65, 67 or ever?

By: Jack Vanderkooy

Is "retirement" the right word to use for the latter stages in our lives? Read More
July 10, 2012

Bullying, Bill 13, and Protecting Diversity in Ontario Schools

By: Stephen Lazarus

It will be interesting to watch whether Bill 13 will stand up to a legal challenge. Read More
June 22, 2012

If Assisted Suicide was Legal in Canada...

By: Steve Passmore

I am convinced that if euthanasia becomes accepted by society, that over a short period of time the attitudes will go from voluntary euthanasia for people who are suffering, to euthanasia to end the lives of the sufferer. Read More
June 14, 2012

A Special Father's Day for Paul Hebert

By: Paul Hebert

On Father's Day, please take the time to hold your children and love your wife. Read More

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