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March 11, 2011

Where is God in times of pain?

By: Rikki Ratliff

More and more, I feel like I'm waking up to a very changed world. Waking up to the news of Japan's earthquake reaffirmed that troubling reality. Read More
February 24, 2011

Egypt: Old Concerns for a New Era

By: Ghada Melek

Theocracies cannot build prosperous societies, mainly because they promote tyranny by those who believe they are God's representatives on earth while their views are truly limited to their personal knowledge, experiences and cultural backgrounds. Read More
February 17, 2011

Chorus Niagara Does It Again

By: Beth Schular

It's a prevailing force when art takes over, leaving you on the other side a changed person. Read More
February 15, 2011

Internet Addiction Gives You That Lovin' Feeling

By: Patricia Paddey

Human beings are hardwired for relationship. The evidence that we crave love, relationship and connection is everywhere. Read More
February 11, 2011

Social Media: Trending democracy

By: Jacky Habib

While social media has been beneficial to the revolution in Egypt, it cannot take all the credit. Social media alone could not have birthed massive demonstrations with people tirelessly chanting, singing, and sometimes fighting, for freedom. Read More
February 4, 2011

What's a good game, and a story, without some conflict?

By: Rikki Ratliff

I'll be tuning into the Super Bowl game hoping the Packers can pull it off. They're favoured by just a few points over the Steelers so I'm sure it will be a good match-up. Read More
January 27, 2011

Revelation from God?

By: Jeff Groenewald

Perhaps the lesson from Bountiful is that we'll all be better off when we're careful about our claims to "revelation" and that there is wisdom in testing the message received with trusted and impartial advisors. Read More
January 20, 2011

Option: Adoption

By: Tracy A.C. Clemenger

For those of us who are not bystanders to the plight of Canada’s 30,000 adoptable children, navigating the system requires more than a sophisticated GPS. Read More
January 16, 2011

Quebec Euthanasia Hearings

By: Alex Schadenberg

Quebec needs to reasess how end-of-life care, chronic care and the care of persons with disabilities is carried-out throughout Quebec and they need to identify ways to implement improvements. Read More
January 12, 2011

Haiti- a year on...

By: Ed Epp

You cannot rebuild Haiti unless all Haitians are included. Too often, especially in Haiti, people who are affected the most are not part of the decisions and planning. Read More
December 10, 2010

An Army unleashed

By: Rikki Ratliff

Homeless and addicted, and struggling with mental and emotional issues. I was looking into the eyes of those who had overcome much to journey from the streets of Toronto to the seats of the Salvation Army van. Read More
November 24, 2010

Haiti still needs our help

By: Rikki Ratliff

The cholera death toll passes 1,400 in Haiti and continues to climb. Here are three ways you can help... Read More

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