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October 13, 2015

The Perfect Agnostic Election

By: Richard Handler

It’s common knowledge that voters vote with their gut. But Canadians can't seem to figure out what they want. Read More
October 6, 2015

When Christians Are Killed

By: Richard Handler

Christians, no matter how many of your brethren are killed, I fear such killings would not be taken as seriously as they might be. Read More
October 2, 2015

Everything You Need To Know for Election 2015

By: Alex Pineiro

We're examining the Canadian political parties’ platforms on the issues of life, justice, and neighbour. Read More
September 29, 2015

The Great Niqab Debate

By: Richard Handler

Could it be that the reviled niqab, the face covering worn by a tiny number of Muslim women in Canada, is just a piece of cloth? OK, maybe it has some personal religious meaning—big deal. Read More
September 24, 2015

A Question of Prisoner Reintegration

By: Sheldon Neil

In light of three murders that have shocked small town Ontario this week, and a recently released prisoner being held as the key suspect, Sheldon Neil went to Prison Fellowship President, Stacey Campbell, for how we should respond to prisoners reintegrating back into society. Read More
September 22, 2015

An Agnostic's Election Prayer

By: Richard Handler

Why the Stubborn Agnostic feels “blessed” to be a Canadian throughout this political election. Read More
September 22, 2015

Terry Fox: His Faith & Legacy

By: Context Team

This month, we celebrate 35 years of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope. What role did God have in Terry's life? We talk to his brother, Fred Fox, Terry's faith and why his legacy has lived on for so long. Read More
September 15, 2015

Against Empathy

By: Richard Handler

Empathy is what helped get Europe into this pickle, when Germany, Austria and Sweden said they’d open the floodgates. Now all the countries of Europe must balance the needs of their countries with sympathy for the wretched of the earth. Read More
September 9, 2015

Tough Questions About Refugees

By: Richard Handler

Has a picture of one drowned child, lying on his belly like a sleepy toddler, changed your mind about the refugees pouring in to Europe? Read More
September 3, 2015

Trapped in North Korea

By: Stephen Lazarus

Canadian minister Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim has been detained in a North Korean jail for six months. He lost contact with his family and church earlier this year on a mission to assist families in North Korea. Read More
August 31, 2015

Science Takes a Hit—or Does it?

By: Richard Handler

Hard core atheists like to say that religion is just make-believe, the stuff of legend which appeals to the irrational and superstitious. But hallowed science is based on a solid foundation of data, which is incontrovertible. Until it isn’t. Read More
August 24, 2015

If Jesus Met a Terrorist

By: Richard Handler

If your Lord was on that Paris-bound train, with his disciples, would he urge them: “Let’s go,” and rush the terrorists? Read More

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