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August 18, 2015

The Bible Made Me Do it

By: Richard Handler

It might have seemed like a good idea in a lawyer’s backroom to quote the Bible. But I suspect a man as bright as Wright now regrets dragging Matthew into a fraud trial in Ottawa. Read More
August 13, 2015

Steve Bell: Why You Should Care about Shoal Lake Freedom Road

By: Lorna Dueck

Singer-songwriter Steve Bell has reached many people with his award-winning music. But he’s also an advocate for the Shoal Lake Freedom Road. Lorna talks to him about why Canadians should care about this project. Read More
August 12, 2015

Love the Stranger?

By: Richard Handler

In this age of the migrant, when millions of bedraggled people are swarming into camps in Africa and the Mideast, crossing the Mediterranean into Europe, hiding in the bush at Calais, cutting fences to stow away on ferries heading into Britain, just who is the stranger Christians are called to love? Read More
August 7, 2015

Abortion Politics Goes Postal

By: Lorna Dueck

When pamphlets with graphics images of aborted fetuses were sent out through Canada Post, some postal workers in Saskatoon refused to deliver them. Lorna talked to Maaike Rosendal from the Canadian Centre fro Bio-Ethical Reform, the organization behind the flyers. Read More
August 4, 2015

Cecil the Lion

By: Richard Handler

Some of you might be clucking your tongues about how the death of a lion can ignite such anger. But the outrage is not just over the killing of a magnificent animal. We hate the cowardice and the sheer egoism of these vainglorious trophy hunters. Read More
July 28, 2015

A Spy in the House of Your Lord

By: Richard Handler

Many unbelievers think that Christians suffer from too much imagination. On the other hand, many think the faithful possess so little imagination that their minds must be stuffed with fairy tales to cover over the fear and emptiness that lurks inside. Read More
July 22, 2015

Keeping up with Caitlyn Jenner

By: Richard Handler

In a culture of publicity, “pushing the envelope” is our bread and butter, let alone our bread and circuses. Read More
July 14, 2015

The Pope Wants to Know

By: Richard Handler

How Christian are you? Pope Francis is a man who wants to clean the Vatican of its regal politics and pretension and return it to the radical simplicities of a more radical Catholic-Christian faith.
Read More
July 7, 2015

Change Your Story, Please

By: Richard Handler

For you Christians, your story is contained in the life of Christ, your saviour. But because your story is mapped out, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sometimes the times call for change. Read More
July 2, 2015

Revenge in Iraq

By: Victoria Heath

“I wish that what’s happened to us, happens to them also.”
Justice and revenge are confused for the other in the current crisis in Iraq. And yet neither offers real solutions. Read More
June 30, 2015

Terror in Paradise

By: Richard Handler

Imagine being wary when you see the signs of religion sweeping over your son or daughter. And you fear it might be a sign of worse things to come. Imagine fearing that your child might kill for your God or your co-religionists. What had been the source of consolation, your faith, has now become a worry. Your child prays but prayer itself now becomes suspicious, a harbinger of terror. Read More
June 24, 2015

Erbil, Iraq: A Mirage in the Desert

By: Molly Thomas

Erbil, Iraq could be confused with many major metropolitan centres. But the calm and collected scenery doesn't reveal the nearly 3 million people that are internally displaced across Iraq because of ISIS. Read More

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