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October 12, 2012
Stephen Lazarus

My guess is God has never registered as either a Republican or a Democrat. As a colleague reminded me recently, God's not an American either, so God is technically not eligible to vote. After listening to the guests on this week's show on the upcoming US election, what we can surmise with some certainty is that God cares passionately about justice.

Protecting the vulnerable, defending the poor, caring for the environment, and promoting peace and human and social flourishing, to name only a few shared concerns. The Bible has much to say about all this —but not as a technical manual for doing politics or a detailed party platform or set of marching orders we lift from the pages of scripture. God has given light to illumine the path, but we have to walk the difficult road of getting our hands dirty and seeking justice in an unjust world.

As guest Paul Marshall says, God has given to us hearts and minds as well as the challenge and the responsibility to figure out what justice requires when we (or our elected officials) debate and deliberate about all the critical issues of the day. In a sense, God's politics amounts to both a standard for—and a judgement on—what we take to be politics as usual. There is a higher law than just the law of the land that should inform our lawmaking.  The resources below provide a good start to launch some new investigations.  After viewing "How Would God Vote?" let us know what you think, and whether you agree that it might be possible to pursue politics with a little more inspiration and imagination.

Stephen Lazarus is a producer for Context and was episode producer of "How Does God Vote?".  


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