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July 19, 2012
Jack Vanderkooy

Is “retirement” the right word to use for the latter stages in our lives?  I would rather talk about shifting from having to work to wanting to work; from success to significance as author Bob Buford notes in his book “Halftime”.  This mindset has no age limits.  As we progress in our careers, we should be building significant reserves to allow us to utilize them for making a difference in our world.   Reserves come in many forms - knowledge and skills, time and money to name a few.  The time to start building these reserves starts as soon as we enter the work force, not so we can hoard more for ourselves, but so that we can generously give back when we are able, in the latter stages of our lives.  Good stewards use their time and money wisely throughout their whole lives, so that they will have the freedom to give back when they are able.  For each person that is different as everyone has unique abilities and financial needs.  If we live responsibly, we will not need to worry about government assisted social security, whether it comes at age 65, 67, 70 or at all.  What is important is that as those of us who have plenty increase in numbers, the government is able to support those with lesser means, preferably earlier rather than later to ensure that they do not enter a state of poverty.

 - Jack Vanderkooy, CGA, CCE


Jack spent 35 years in progressively greater leadership roles at DUCA Financial Services Credit Union in Toronto. During the past 8 years as President & CEO, he doubled asset size from $600 million to $1.2 billion, built new head office, initiated and managed a merger and raised DUCA's public profile to the point where it is a household name in the GTA while maintaining excellent profitability. Currently, he is transitioning to a new chapter where he will use his skills and passions to lead or assist people and organizations realize financial security.


Delighted the work here can benefit with your insights in your new "shift" season Jack -- I like that approach to you leaving the 9-5 and shifting into new significance with your God given talents. Enjoy your summer and thank you for writing for us -- Lorna
July 21, 2012 | Lorna Dueck

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