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July 6, 2009
Lorna Dueck

As we worked on this marriage show, a wise person in our office said “marriage is not about falling in love, it’s about walking in love.” Nice. In our 29 years of marriage, walking in love has had plenty of chances to trip up. And I can tell you what made it work for me; walking with a third person in the marriage – the person of Jesus Christ. A spiritual truth which has affected our physical reality. Some of the same principles of getting to know and adapt to a husband apply to getting to know Jesus. Asking the nature of Jesus to live with you, in you, has been a pursuit. Nearly every day I’ve had to make an effort to have an exchange of personhood; change how I naturally react, change because I’m sharing in this three way intimate circle. What Jesus brings to that equation is a much better change than what I bring on my own. Adding spiritual truth to marriage goes the distance; not for just falling in love, but walking in love.


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