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Education Emergency: Syria's Students

Episode #1440 | Added October 21, 2016

As Syrian Students continue to flee the chaos in their country, we at Context are crossing borders for this special story. Guest host Molly Thomas reports from the middle east. 

Lorna's Wrap

Thought the need is great, this situation is not hopeless. World Vision is in the trenches, working with the most vulnerable refugee communities. You can make a difference in the lives of Syrian Children by supporting their Raw Hope Campaign. 


How you can help: 

Donate to World Vision's

Sponsor a Refugee family
Contact Serena Richardson at 1-877-501-7191 or


Nasser Touaibia
UNHCR Jordan

Dennis Brown
Operations Manager, World Vision Jordan

Amjad Dawood
Wash Coordinator, World Vision Jordan

Lindsay Gladding
Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Team, World Vision

Debo Turk 
Family persecuted in Syria for their faith


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