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Faith in the Big Leagues

Episode #1525 | Added October 30, 2016

From the field to the court to the dugout, what does faith look like in the big leagues? 

Lorna's Wrap

The Athelete's Prayer

Lord, Please clear my head of all distractions
And my heart of burdens I may bear,
So I may perform my very best
Knowing you will always be there.

Please life me up before the moment,
so through your eyes I may see,
and have a clearer understanding,
as the game unfolds before me. 

With great courage I will meet this challenge
As you would have me to,
But keep me humble and remind me
That my strength comes from You and only You.

Then when all eyes are upon me,
At the end of this big game,
I will turn their eyes to You oh Lord,
And to the Glory of Your Name...




Jeff Knox Jr.
Linebacker, Saskatchewan Roughriders

Rod Donison
Chaplain, Saskatchewan Roughriders

John Chick
Defensive End, Saskatchewan Roughriders

Catherine Chick
Mom extraordinaire

Jerome "Junk Yard Dog" Williams
Toronto Raptors, 2001-2003

Herbie Kuhn
In-Arena Announcer, Toronto Raptors

Jama Mahlalela
Assistant Coach, Toronto Raptors

Dick Bavetta
NBA Referee 1975-2014

Chris Reitsma
Former MLB Pitcher


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