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Mind in Crisis

Episode #1517 | Added August 21, 2016

Context is in the field to find out more about helping the Mind in Crisis.

Lorna's Wrap

One of the statements of Jesus I love most are the words of Christ in John 10:10: "I have come to give life, in all its fullness." But when Mental Health is challenged, that hope for life becomes a prayer for help. As we saw today, mental health cannot be a solo pursuit. There is therapy, even done with a phone app. There's need for prayer, for employment support. There is a need for volunteerism, a need to break out of isolation. In the Bible, we see examples of Jesus setting people free from psychological pain. That's an example we are called to shared with others, as caregivers are also healers. Sometimes its by being a friend, or by persisting to get the tools and skills needed. If you or anyone you know is struggling with anything we have spoken about on today's show, please contact us


Mark McEwan
Celebrity Chef 

Ashlie Melvin
Graduate of George Brown Augmented Education Program 

Jamie Tworkowski
Founder, To Write Love On Her Arms

Paul Gross
Actor, Producer, Director 

Jeff Perron
Creator, Tru Reach App


Lorna's Books: If You Feel Too Much by Jamie Tworkowski 

Do you have an experience with the mental health care system in Canada? Contact us at

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