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Episode #1514 | Added July 17, 2016

Overexposed on sex? When Playboy covers up, what's the message for us all? 

Lorna's Wrap

When our team decided to explore two stories about sex we had quite the talk. Playboy pulling the nudes out of it's magazine? Schools putting more sex into their curriculum? We lumped it all together under one title—OVEREXPOSED. If overexposed describes the effects of sex in your life, there's hope. There is much about sex in the Bible, but one story describes overexposed. It's in Luke 7, where a woman deeply experienced in sex approaches the bare feet of Jesus. Is it seduction? I don't think so. The bible tells us her tears fall so freely from her eyes as she does the unthinkable; she kisses his feet, brings down her hair and uses it to wipe her tears off the feet of Jesus. Then she pours out a costly perfume that symbolized purity.
The broken hope over purity gets poured out on Jesus. Some judgmental folk in this story think the woman should be chased away. Jesus says no – this is exactly where she belongs – an overexposed life can be brought very close to Jesus. Jesus told us, her faith will save her, and she can go in peace. If you're overexposed on sex, Jesus has a healing embrace for your need.


Dr. Gail Dines
Anti-porn Activist and Sociologist, Wheelock College

Anela Jadunandan
Mother and Activist, Canadian Council for Muslim Women

Jack Fonseca
Parent and Activist, Campaign Life Coalition

Philip Lees
Retired Teacher & Founder, PEACE Ontario

Karrie Prail
Parent and Campaigner, PEACE Ontario

Pastor Sam Picken
Lead Pastor, C3 Toronto


How do you feel about sex education? Who's job is it? How should it be handled and how do values shape it? Do you have a story you'd like to share? Contact us at

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