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Religion and Violence

Episode #1531 | Added September 9, 2016

9/11—The Paris Attacks—Brussels. We live in a violent time. Is religion responsible for the violence and the threats? We take up that question next.

Lorna's Wrap

So we asked today: How much is religion to blame for violence we see in the world? And where it is, what is the solution? Rivalry and the temptation to use violence lurks in every human heart. I love the challenge we had from Rabbi Sacks; the new theology for the 21st century is that God has enough love for all of us.
And that's why to reach real peace, we need a radical heart-change—God's transformation—that makes us see each other as loving siblings, not warring factions. For the Christian, the change comes through Jesus. Jesus, who suffered the ultimate violence, a brutal death on the cross for our sins, so we can have a fresh start and leave violence behind. 


Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
2016 Templeton Prize Winner, Author of Not in God's Name

Paula Kweskin
Producer, Faithkeepers

Nabeel Qureshi
Author, Answering Jihad 


What can be done to address religious violence in our own communities of faith? Contact us at

Lorna's Books: Not in God's Name by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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